Siemens OptiPoint 500 User Guide

Siemens OptiPoint 500 User Guide

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  • Place a call

    To make a call, lift the handset or press the Speaker key, enter required number.
  • Receive a call

    To answer a call, lift the handset or press the Speaker key.
  • Terminate a call

    Return handset or press Speaker or press the Release key to make another call.
  • Dialling with the Phonebook

    To view the phonebook, press the Phonebook key; Or lift the handset, when the display shows “Phonebook?”, press tick.

    To search for an entry, press the first letter of the person that you are searching for, for example, if you are searching for Oliver, press the 6 three times (3rd letter on the key is O), press the 5 three times (3rd letter on the key is L). Press tick to “Call?” or use the + and – to scroll through the list until you find the entry that you are looking for.

    To “Call?”, press tick.

  • Transfer a call

    Press tick to “Enquiry?”, dial number, press the Release key and replace the handset.
  • Enquiry/Reconnect

    To cancel transfer or simply make an enquiry call and then return to the original party: Press tick to “Enquiry?”, dial number.

    To return back to the held call, Press tick to “Quit and Return?”.

    If the Transfer/Enquiry number rings on no reply or is busy, to return to original caller, Press tick to “Return to the held?”.

  • Toggle/Connect

    Whilst you are transferring a call, to alternate back to the originating call, press the > to “Toggle/Connect, press tick, you are now connected to the originator and the second call is held, press tick again and the originator is held and you are back to your second call.

    To join the calls together, press the Release key and replace the handset.

  • Conference

    Whilst on a call, press tick to “Enquiry?”, dial number, on answer, > to “Conference?”, press tick. All parties will hear a warn tone and the display will show number of people in the conference.

    If you wish to join an external call into the conference, the display shows “Enquiry”, press tick, followed by 9 and then the external number. On answer, > to “Conference?”, press tick. Or If the person does not wish to join the conference, the display shows “Quit and Return?”. press tick to return to the conference.

  • Hold a call

    Press tick to “Enquiry?”, the caller is held.

    To return to the caller, press tick to “Return to held call?”.

  • Mute a call

    Press the Mute key, the LED illuminates to show call held.

    To return to the caller, press the Mute key again and the LED is out.

  • Activate a Callback

    Should the required extension be busy or ring no reply, the display shows “Set Callback?”. Press tick, and replace the handset.

    A maximum of 5 callbacks can be set.

  • View Callbacks

    > to “View callbacks?”. press tick. Use > to scroll to “Display next?”. Press tick.

    To delete, keep scrolling with > to “Delete?” and press tick.

  • Call Pickup

    To answer a call within your group, the display will show who the call is for and “Pickup – group?”, press tick or press the Pickup key.

    To answer a call outside of your group, dial *59 on your keypad and the display shows “Accept call?”, press tick.

  • Call Park

    Parking a call will give you the facility to retrieve a held call from an alternative extension and will also free up your phone to make and receive calls.

    To park a call, press the Call Park key, enter the park position number 1 through to 0 (If a park position is in use, you will receive a warning tone, select an alternative park number). The display shows Parked at position: 1. Replace the handset.

  • Retrieving a Parked Call

    Press the Call Park key followed by the park position number.
  • Activate Call Forward

    To divert your calls to an alternative number, leave the handset down and press > to “Forwarding on?”, press tick. The display shows “1=all calls?”, or use scroll > to “2=external calls only?” or > to “3=internal calls only?” Press tick to select your option.

    Enter the number that you are diverting to, press tick to “Save entry?” Your display shows where the calls are diverted to and the dial tone is interrupted.

    Note: If you are a member of a hunt group, it is important to log out of the group. Press the Login/Logout key before you forward your calls, otherwise you may end up up forward the group calls too.

  • Deactivate Call Forward

    Press > to “Forwarding off?”, press tick.
  • Programme a Personal Speed Dial

    Each user has access to 10 personal speed dials using the keypad.

    With the handset down, dial *92 on the keypad, the display shows Abb. Dialling No: “Next?”. Dial the speed dial number between *1 to *0, the display shows “Change entry?”, press tick.

    Enter the required external number (press 9 for external access first).

    If you make a mistake and you wish to enter the number again, press > “Previous?”, press tick, “Change entry?”, press tick, enter the required external number and press tick to “Save entry?”.

    Continue to programme the next entry or press the Service key to exit.

  • Dial a Speed Dial

    Press the Speed Dial key followed by *1 to *0, or press *7 on the keypad followed by *1 to *0.

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