If your telephone maintenance is working well, you should not notice it at all. The basic aims of a maintenance contract are to minimise downtime and protect your system from fraudulent use – we always hope that our clients do not notice their maintenance contracts and simply take their telephone systems for granted.

The need for telephone maintenance is defined through understanding the cost to your business while your phone system is not operational. To appreciate the value, consider the immediate lost sales, the future loss of return business, and the brand damage. In our modern working world, customers want immediate results; if they cannot reach you they will go somewhere else.

Our intelligence approach to minimising your downtime is through providing resiliency in your telephone system and connected services. This allows service continuity while repairs are carried out. True resiliency can add disproportionate cost though, and that is where the right maintenance company must be on hand.

How Telephone Maintenance Should Be

Our first line engineers are just that – engineers. Manufacturer trained, experienced, highly regarded, and our clients know them by name. Our first line engineers shadow senior engineers on site, attend technical conferences and spend time in our laboratory for hands on learning. These are the people you speak to first.

Our second line engineers work on another level. They become site champions; understanding site specific network topology, physical environments and system fault history. Second line engineers are looking out for trends and preventing issues before they occur. They offer feedback and advice to our clients, promoting built-in features of the telephone system.

We are proud of our laboratory; it contains every telephone system we supply and maintain, operating in a sandbox environment for testing and fault replication. This is not a manufacturer requirement on Nexus IP, indeed the manufacturers takes ownership of third line support. Our laboratory is there because we insist on excellence. You will only find this level of service with the most genuine telephone system maintainers.

All this is backed up by our CRM system that knows more about your telephone system than you do.

Guaranteed Fix

We offer manufacturer-backed guarantees for your peace of mind – if your system stops working, we guarantee that it will get it working again.

Software Updates

Telephony fraud is bigger than credit card fraud – do not leave your telephone system exposed with outdated software or security.

Account Management

We have desk and field-based Account Managers ready to help you remotely or visit your site.

Disaster Recovery

Our comprehensive disaster recovery systems are ready to roll out at a moment’s notice.

Contract Options

 We’ll build the right relationship for your needs and budget – from break-fix maintenance to a fully managed 24/7 service.

System Backup

In the event of catastrophic failure/theft/damage, we can have you back up to the former configuration with minimal downtime.

Regular Health Checks

We offer regular telephone system health checks to find potential problems before they occur.

Easy Payments

We work around what’s best for you and your payment processes – speak to us about monthly invoices.

Fully Stocked

We maintain a minimum stock level of all supported systems to minimise repair times.

Manufacturer Accredited

We have agreed escalation processes with manufacturers and distributors.