Unify Software Assurance

What is Software Assurance

Software Assurance (SWA) is a measure of reassurance from the manufacturer that the product you have invested in will remain secure and functional in the manner with which you initially invested. It provides confidence in the continuing validity, conformance and support of the product, including new features and improvements in order the keep the product competitive.

Security remains one of the biggest considerations within Software Assurance, providing product owners with reassurance that the manufacturer continues to evaluate threats and takes measures to reduce the risk of unauthorised access.

Benefits of Unify Software Assurance

All Unify OpenScape Business users receive 3 years of Software Assurance with the purchase of a new OpenScape Business system. The Software Assurance provides:

  • Risk Control – the system has manufacturer support, providing a guaranteed fix

  • Software Updates – free software updates, patches and hotfixes, including minor and major releases

  • Security Updates – minimise the risk of phreaking/fraud on your telephone system

  • Elevated Access – RSP (remote access platform) allows us to facilitate urgent responses

It is vital to keep continuous Software Assurance cover on your telephone system if you wish to keep your system in a reduced risk, manufacturer-supported condition.

Unify Software Assurance

1 Year


per user

  • Manufacturer supported
  • Latest security protocols
  • Latest product features

When to Renew your Software Assurance

If your Software Assurance expires, you are placing your voice communication system in a position of vulnerability.

  • Increased risk – no manufacturer support for ticket escalations

  • Static software level – no new features, patches or hotfixes

  • Outdated security – become more exposed as hacking methods continue to evolve

  • No elevated access – risk of reduced response time 

Once expired, Unify require a reinstatement fee of £64.72 per user, in addition to the Software Assurance fee.

It is in every business’ interest to invest in Software Assurance before existing cover expires. You do not need to wait until your existing cover approaches expiry; extended cover can be applied now and will simply add onto the existing Software Assurance term.

Please get in touch with us today if you have concerns over existing cover or wish to discuss renewing. Our team are happy to discuss the process and will work with you to develop a plan that keeps you secure.

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