Feature Options

  • Passive noise cancelling: specifically engineered ear cushions to eliminate high-frequency noise, such as air-conditioning and voices.
  • Active noise cancelling: a microphone monitors low-frequency background noise and produces a second sound specifically designed to cancel out the first.
  • Listen in: allows you to hear your surroundings without removing the headset by transmitting background noise into the headset at the push of a button.
  • Busy-light: the integrated busy-light lets people know you are on the phone and should not be disturbed.

Connection Types

  • USB: either wired or through wireless USB dongle, USB is intended for deskphones, PCs, tablet and laptops that have a USB port.
  • Bluetooth: secure wireless communication protocol common on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and newer deskphones. Not suitable for high headset density areas.
  • DECT: secure wireless communication protocol, reserved for voice transmission only. Only connects the headset to a base unit. Suitable for high headset density areas.
  • 3.5mm: wired connection to mobile phones, tablets and laptops which feature a 3.5mm port. Limited cable length is prohibitive for connecting to a PC 3.5mm port.

If you are not sure which headset is right for your needs, please get in touch and let our experts talk you through the options.


A Bluetooth headset designed for all day use with up to 6 hours talk time and 10 days on standby. The Stealth provides HD quality audio with active noise reduction technology. Choose the UC variant for a USB dongle which allows connection to a computer as well as Bluetooth.

Best in class sound quality on a Bluetooth headset, with built-in motion sensor that answers calls when the headset is picked up, and power naps when not moving. NFC technology allows touch-pairing. The UC variant includes USB dongle for connection to a PC as well as Bluetooth. The Office variant also connects to both computer and Bluetooth, and includes a desktop docking station for the headset.

An affordable professional wired USB headset with mid line controls and active noise cancelling microphone. Plug and play simplicity designed for all-day use. Available in Mono or Stereo variant.

As the Jabra Evolve 30, with additional integrated busy-light and 3.5mm jack for mobile phone and tablet connection (in addition to the standard USB connection). The Evolve 40 also includes passive noise cancellation and boom-arm housing on the headband for when voice transmission is not required. Available in Mono or Stereo variant.

Top of the range wireless headset with Bluetooth and USB dongle connection. The Evolve 65 includes an integrated busy-light, passive noise cancellation, and up to 10 hours of talk time on a single charge. NFC technology for touch-pairing. Available in Mono or Stereo variant.

Jabra’s best in class noise cancelling headset, using both passive and active noise cancelling technology on a wired headset with USB and 3.5mm jack connection. The Evolve 80 includes a busy-light, listen-in feature, discreet boom-arm and speakers made for voice and music. Available in Stereo variant only.

One of the most popular Jabra wired headsets has been improved, now featuring kevlar reinforced cord, 360 degree spin boom-arm, active voice cancelling technology and HD quality audio. Available as USB or deskphone (QD) variant, Mono or Stereo, with or without Bluetooth, and in a variety of wearing styles. when buying QD, don’t forget the appropriate bottom-cord required for your deskphone.

A wireless headset utilising DECT technology with HD quality audio, 12 hours of battery life, and remote call pickup & disconnect when using an electronic hook switch cable. Available in Mono or Stereo variant.

A professional wireless DECT headset that provides connection to both deskphone and PC. The addition of an electronic hook switch cable allows remote call pickup and disconnection. The Jabra PRO 9450 features both passive noise cancelling and active voice cancelling technology. Available as Mono or Stereo variant.

Similar to the Jabra PRO 9450, with the addition of touchscreen control to switch between deskphone and PC input. Available as Mono or Stereo variant.

The top of the range DECT headset, with connection to deskphone, computer via USB, and mobile phone via Bluetooth. Features include touchscreen control to switch between the three applications, HD quality audio, and both passive noise cancellation and active voice cancellation technology. Available in Mono or Stereo variant.


A versatile USB loudspeaker that enables conference calls in any room. Omni-directional microphones pick up sound from every direction, with HD quality audio and LED status indicators. Intended for small conference parties of up to 4 people.

Similar to the Speak 410, with the addition of Bluetooth connection providing both USB and mobile phone connectivity. The Speak 510 also includes a battery with up to 15 hours talk time on a single charge; perfect technology for the anytime, anywhere conference call.

Designed for conference rooms with up to 15 people, the Speak 810 delivers HD quality audio with intelligent microphones that focus on voice, not noise. Connect the Speak 810 via USB, Bluetooth, or 3.5mm jack, with NFC technology for touch-pairing. You can even charge your smartphone and tablet from it.