Our specialist-trained staff are the core of our business; it’s what ensures we deliver the right product, at the right time, with the right service to our clients. We strive to  exceed the minimum requirements set by vendors and ensure all our staff receive continual professional development. Here is an idea of the skill sets we offer to our clients.

Helpdesk Support

Our first point of contact for clients calling with technical questions or suffering from faulty equipment. Vendor-trained and multi-skilled, our helpdesk support team use proven fault finding techniques to identify where the problem may be, and whether remote support or on-site support is required.

Telecoms Engineers

Trained in product by the vendor and trained in the field by our work shadowing programme, our telecoms engineers are experienced, qualified, and friendly. They are responsible for building phone systems, installing phone systems, DECT surveys and on-site maintenance of phone systems.

Network Engineers

With the UK’s ongoing shift from traditional digital PBX phone systems to server-based VoIP phone systems, our network engineers are vendor trained through our recognition that the telecoms network now includes switches, routers and firewalls as standard. Our engineers have a voice- and video-specific network skillset.

Solutions Architects

Offered as a free service to our clients; our solution architects transform your requirements into a solution, complete with bill of materials. They are highly trained across most of the products we provide so as to ensure compatibility and performance of the solutions they design.

Telecoms Project Managers

Our project managers are the eye of the storm; the calm and control throughout client relocations, upgrades, onboarding and new installations. They are experienced, friendly, and constantly updating project stakeholders. Every project finishes with an internal ‘lessons learned’ report to ensure continual development.

WiFi Surveyors

Wireless signal is soon to appear on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, and we recognise its importance by taking wireless installations seriously. Our surveyor’s wireless report includes signal heat mapping and recommended locations; suitable for inclusion in RFP documents. This service we provide is suitable for both data and voice over WiFi.

Cabling Surveyors

Our copper and fibre cabling surveys are carried out using Fluke cable analysers, suitable for providing 25-year, manufacturer-backed warranties. Our surveyors are product trained and approved by a number of cabling brands to test for 25-year warranty. They also come with up to 20+ years of experience in cable installation and fault isolation.

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