The availability of cloud systems and cloud storage presents significant advantages to businesses willing to embrace the opportunities in new technology. As cloud becomes more cost effective, more secure and more accessible, perhaps now is the time to consider how cloud technology can help your business.

  • Less hardware to manage

  • Lower maintenance costs

  • Less in-house IT skillset

  • Lower/zero install costs

  • More flexibility

  • More mobility

  • More resiliency

  • More scope for growth

VoIP Phone System

Voice is rapidly becoming a utility and the provision of voice communication in the cloud is simple to provide. With a single internet connection, you can have access to full feature voice communications, including mobile apps and the complete Unified Communications (UC) suite.

Ideal for businesses looking for a low entry cost into advanced communications, for businesses with a distributed workforce, and for businesses that need to improve group communication.

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SIP Trunks

With BT advising of the ISDN switch off it is clear that businesses need to plan their exit from ISDN and move to SIP trunks. Whilst SIP trunks themselves are fast to configure and deploy, not all business premises have immediate access to high speed internet, over which SIP trunks are delivered. The time to plan is when you have the stronger negotiating position.

SIP trunks have many benefits, such as no geographic limitation – telephone numbers can relocate with the business. Line rental and call costs are cheaper than ISDN, and some of our latest trunk line packages even include free calls.

Cloud Storage & Backup

Storing your data in the cloud aids both data accessibility and integrity. Files are secure but remain accessible to the right people, at the right time, regardless of their location. Make sure your distributed workforce has the information they need to stay effective.

Use cloud backup to keep your business running when disaster strikes. Our packages start from simple file retrieval up to a full server image restore hosted in the cloud within 10 minutes. See how hybrid offsite storage can protect your business.

Desktop as a Service

If your IT infrastructure needs improving, lower running costs or simply a refresh, take a look at DaaS. Letting a cloud provider host the servers reduces your need for server space, maintenance costs and in-house skillset. Endpoints are easier to move, upgrade, and restore, whilst new desktops can be created in a fraction of the time over traditional build.

If your business already relies on web-based applications then running your desktops in the cloud makes perfect sense; DaaS offers you the same resilience, accessibility and reduced IT overhead.