Unify, formerly known as Siemens Enterprise Communications, have their roots dating back to 1875 and are proud to be recognised as the telephone manufacturer of choice for 75% of the global 500. They continue to innovate with new technologies and platforms, driving their vision for a better way to work. Unify’s name was chosen to emphasise their mission; to create a simple and powerful method for collaboration across devices, networks and applications for a seamless and engaging experience. With systems starting from 1 user and building up to 100,000 users, there is a platform suitable for everyone.

Nexus IP have been installing and maintaining Siemens Unify telephone systems for over 30 years. We are Unify trained and accredited for the design, installation and support for all Unify products. Unify recognise the long term, professional relationship we have held with them; watch the attached video and keep an eye out for The Gores Group. We were Siemens’ choice of reseller to install a telephone system at The Gores Group.

If you would like to know more about any of the Unify products, or learn more about why we bring clients to meet Unify for a personal introduction, please get in touch.

For up to 30 extensions, the wall-mount X1 is an all in one system designed for startups, branch offices and the home. Features include voice, unified communications and a mobile phone client.

Wall-mount or rack-mount, up to 500 extensions in a single box. Including voice, unified communications and the mobile client. The X3 is designed for ISDN2 and SIP trunk line connectivity.

Designed for ISDN2, ISDN30 and SIP trunk connectivity; the X5 can scale up to 500 extensions. Voice, unified communications and the mobile client all available in wall-mount and rack-mount.

The X8 allows connection to multiple ISDN30 circuits, with a maximum capacity of 500 extensions. Available as floor-standing or rack-mount, this system includes voice, unified communications and the mobile client.

The ‘S’ model is a soft switch designed for installation on a Linux platform, and supported within VMware and HyperV. Providing up to 1,500 extensions, with trunk lines in the form of SIP, ISDN2 or ISDN30. Includes voice, unified communications and the mobile application.

Provides Unify software updates at no extra cost, enables elevated remote access for support partners, and provides manufacturer support on your OpenScape Business phone system. Three years of software assurance are included with all new OpenScape Business phone systems.

Unify’s ground-breaking solution for collaboration brings HD voice, video, screen sharing, file sharing and IM to you in a single web browser window. Evolve the way your teams communicate and demonstrate ROI by starting with the free version.

73% of management teams believe they offer excellent customer service. Customers say only 36% actually do. Have a look at Unify’s next-generation contact centre for a straight forward user experience, advanced metrics and queues that capture the new face of customer service: social media.

Designed for businesses with up to 100,000 users, OpenScape 4000 can be described in three words: bulletproof heavy lifting. Features include UC, mobility applications, contact centre support, and active-standby dual node architecture for resiliency.

Step up to enterprise-level communications with Unify’s all-in-one communications solution with voice, unified communications, collaboration, mobility and contact centre. Extends up to 2,000 users.

100% call failover support; no lost calls on a single node failure. Used by the likes of the BBC and the NHS for true carrier-grade voice. Extends up to 100,000 users and available on a CAPEX purchase or OPEX subscription for voice, unified communications and collaboration, mobility and contact centre.

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