Unify OpenScape Business X1

OpenScape Business X1

The Unify OpenScape Business X1 is a small but feature rich PBX which meets the needs of the small office, home office or branch office using ISDN2 and SIP connectivity. This gives the features and benefits of a large communications platform at a low cost entry point. The X1 can be networked making it ideal for a branch office using SIP to create free communications accross networks.

The X1 comes with UC Smart, Unify’s unified communications platform that provides simple, powerful control of telephony from the desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

IP handsets can be connected remotely with intelligent routing back to the X1 for registration and voice communication. Alternatively, use the smartphone software to make your smartphone your extension, or use the software to reroute your calls to any telephone number you wish.


OpenScape Business System Box

  • Wall-Mount Design
  • SDHC card with software
  • Mainboard and power supply
  • Integrated MDF
  • 1 GigE LAN ports (customer LAN, Service)
  • 1 GigE WAN port (direct internet access)
  • 2x ISDN2 ports built into motherboard (4 channels)
  • 8x digital ports built into motherboard
  • 4x analogue ports built into motherboard

Maximum Possible Configuration:

  • Up to 30 TDM telephones and IP workpoints in total
  • Up to 20 IP subscribers
  • Up to 30 trunk channels
  • Up to 4 ITSP
  • Up to 4 analog and 8 digital subscribers or
  • Up to 4 digital (ISDN B-channels)
  • Up to 7 cordless base stations for up to 16 cordless handsets (direct connection of base stations to digital ports on the motherboard). A CMA module is required if more than one base station is configured, or if more than 2 B-channels of the base station are used.


  • Up to 30 Smart UC users
  • Up to 30 Smart VoiceMail
  • Up to 30 myPortal to go/myPortal for Mobile
  • Company Auto Attendant

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