An office move can be a crazy process. There are numerous steps to consider. We think that everyone wants their office move goes smoothly.

Our Office relocation scheme, help you to ensure that on your very first day in the new office:

  • Your staff are happy taking and making calls
  • Your phone system is set up just the way you like and working smoothly
  • Everyone is happy accessing your fast internet connection
  • Your cabling has been planned and installed to meet your business needs for right now and any future plans you may have
  • Your wi-fi services are running smoothly

Where we can help you:

Broadband Provvision

Voice & Video

Equipment Relocation

Data & Electrical

Wired & Wireless

Access Control

How we can help you

Planning a business move can be stressful – so talk to us today to book an appointment for your FREE pre-move audit.

This audit will look at all aspects of your business communications needs so we can:

  • Help you plan your move to avoid any unnecessary downtime
  • Minimise project failure to protect your business
  • Ensure you don’t get caught out contractually with any transfer/move of services

Give you impartial advice on what the telecoms/internet services marketplace has to offer so you can ensure you are getting best value for money on all your services.

To book an appointment for a free consultation– please contact us