We have you covered…

This sensational range of headsets offer you the ultimate blend of price and performance.

The range includes traditional corded (with quick disconnect) for desk phones, USB corded for use with soft phones/Microsoft Teams and a Cordless range using either Bluetooth or DECT technology.

All of the range deliver great audio quality, comfort and reliability – backed by a two year warranty.

Whatever your needs we have you covered. Speak with one of our headset experts today and discover a new opportunity to deliver great service and value to your clients.

Features and Connection Types

  • Passive noise cancelling: the ear cushions on our range are large and will block out noises in your environment allowing you to focus.
  • Superior/Active noise cancelling: in built microphones use an algorithm to differentiate what sounds are wanted and unwanted delivering HD voice on your calls.
  • Busy-light: the integrated busy-light lets people know you are on the phone and should not be disturbed.
  • Quick-Disconnect: for desk phones with a traditional RJ9 headset port, quick disconnect allows you to place a caller on hold by disconnecting the headset from the lead, walking away and then re-attaching to pick the call up.
  • USB: for use with some desk phones and all computer soft phones, the mid range have fully MS Teams compatible inline controls but all will work with the click of a button.
  • Bluetooth: for the user who is not always at their desk, our Bluetooth range will connect to two devices simultaneously, never miss a call again.
  • DECT: the most robust of communications providing enhanced security as well as extended wireless range boasting 150m.

You can view our multimedia flip book of VT products here.

If you are not sure which headset is right for your needs please get in touch to speak with one of our experts today.



This traditional corded headset is designed for maximum comfort throughout the day. This headset boasts High-Definition voice quality, and a noise cancelling microphone making it ideal in call centres and busy offices.

Mono/Duo:     £23.32/£24.99 exVAT + QD Smart Cord:     £8.32 exVAT

VT1000 USB

Our entry level corded headset comes with a gooseneck boom for easy adjustment and removable soft foam ear cushions. It’s the lowest priced option for small call centres and offices.

Mono/Duo:     £14.58/£19.16 exVAT

VT5000 USB

Perfect for occasional users, this stylish headset offers High Definition voice quality and a noise cancelling microphone for the budget conscious.

Mono/Duo:     £23.33/£25.00 exVAT

VT6300 USB

This mid-range headset is designed for comfort throughout the day. It has inline controls that are compatible with Microsoft Teams and other soft clients. High-Definition voice and a noise cancelling microphone makes it ideal for call centres, busy offices and/or working from home.

Mono/Duo:     £31.66/£33.33 exVAT

VT8200 USB

Professional corded headset, engineered to boost efficiency and comfort. Superior noise cancelling microphone, integrated busy lights, MS Teams compatible inline controls, passive noise cancelling, and soft liquid silicon headband for all day wear.

Mono/Duo:     £50.00/£58.33 exVAT

VT8600 USB/Bluetooth Hybrid

Professional hybrid corded headset engineered to boost efficiency and comfort. This headset gives enhanced productivity with its passive noise cancellation, touch button MS Teams compatible controls and Bluetooth connectivity- You can unplug mid call and keep the call!

Only in Duo style:        £74.99 exVAT

VT9200 Bluetooth

Our entry level Bluetooth headset includes a Bluetooth Dongle, has a dynamic equaliser to optimise voice quality on calls and automatically adjusts when listening to music. This headset will connect with two devices at the same time and has a cordless range of up to 30 metres.

Mono/Duo:     £50.83/£55.00 exVAT

VT9605 Bluetooth

This Bluetooth headset has excellent audio, all day comfort and pairs with two devices simultaneously. It’s perfect for immersive collaboration and music. Optional charging base and Bluetooth dongle available for added integration with MS Teams and other soft clients.

Mono/Duo:     £91.67/£95.83 exVAT

VTX300 Bluetooth

Top range executive Bluetooth headset with outstanding passive noise reduction, fantastic comfort and crystal clear High-Definition audio for calls, online meetings, and music. Optional charging base with inbuilt QI charging for mobile phone and Bluetooth dongle available for added integration with MS Teams and other soft clients.

Mono/Duo:     £116.67/125.00 exVAT

VTB320 Bluetooth

Executive ANC Bluetooth headset, 4 microphones for active noise cancellation, HD voice, and connects to two devices simultaneously. Fold away boom arm and leatherette ear cushions for all day comfort. Optional charging base and Bluetooth dongle for added integration with MS Teams and other soft clients.

Only in Duo style:        £145.83 exVAT


This wireless DECT headset is designed to provide flexible connectivity to your desk phone and softphone. It utilises noise cancelling technology and has a range of 150 metres with up to 8 hours talk time.

Add the optional EHS to remotely answer calls. Compatible with most softphones and MS Teams. Please speak to us to determine which EHS cable you need for your desk phone.

Mono/Duo:     £158.32/£168.00 exVAT


VTCS61 Speakerphone

This executive portable speakerphone is discreet, stylish, and packed with amazing sound quality.

The 2-metre range means it can easily cope with 6 people in a conference, or hands free from home and has Zoom and MS Teams certification.

Price:               £112.49 exVAT