Unify OpenScape 55G User Guide

Unify OpenScape 55G User Guide

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  • Place a Call

    Lift handset, dial number and press OK;


    Dial number and lift handset;


    For handsfree mode, dial number and press OK;


    If headset connected, dial number and press OK.

  • Redial the last dialed Number

    (Lift handset and) press Soft Key “Redial”.
  • Dial from the Call Log

    Press Call Log.

    Press Call Log to cycle through call log tabs. Select the desired entry and press OK to dial.

  • Answer a Call

    Lift handset for handsfree mode: press Speaker;


    If headset connected, press Headset;


    Press Soft Key “Accept”.

  • Deflecting an Incoming Call while ringing

    Press Soft Key “Deflect”.

    Enter a destination phone number and press OK.

  • Hold or Retrieve a Call

    In an active call press Hold.

    To retrieve a held call, press Hold.

  • Make a Conference Call

    During a call with party A, press Conference. Hear dial tone. Party A is automatically put on hold.

    Enter the phone number for party B and press OK. Once connected with party B, press Conference.

    You are now connected in a conference with parties A and B.

  • Transfer a Call

    During a call with party A, press Transfer. Enter the phone number of party B and press OK.

    You may then either:

    Press Transfer while party B is ringing;


    Wait for party B to answer, announce the call and then press Transfer.

    The party A will be transferred to party B.

  • Switch to Handsfree Mode during a Call

    Press Speaker and replace handset.
  • Switch to Handset Mode during a Call

    Lift handset.
  • Switch to Headset Mode during a Call

    Press Headset.
  • Using mute during a Call

    Press Mute and the LED lights to show all microphones are muted.

    Press Mute again to un-mute.

  • End a Call

    Hang up;


    For handsfree mode, press Speaker;


    If headset connected, press Headset;


    Press Soft Key “Disconnect”.

  • Call Voicemail

    Lift handset and then press Messages;


    For Speaker Mode, press Speaker and then press Messages.

    The mailbox is called.

  • Change Forwarding Destination

    Press Forward.

    Press Soft Key “Settings”.

    Select the call forwarding type (All calls, Busy, No reply).

    Press Soft Key “Enter dest.” Enter the destination number and press Soft Key “Save”.

    A Call Forwarding for all calls is now configured and activated.

  • Turn Call Forwarding on or off for All Calls

    Press Forward.

    Forwarding will be turned on after a short delay.

  • Program a Programmable Function Key

    Hold down the key you wish to program until a prompt appears and press OK. The LED for that key will be on.

    With the highlight on the “Normal” field, press OK or “Edit”.

    Select the desired function and press OK or Soft Key “Select”.

    Edit the Label and Settings if required. Press Soft Key “Save & exit”.

    The desired function is now configured and the key LED is off.

    Press Phone to return to phone mode.

    Programming function keys is even easier via Web Based Management. Please consult your administrator if you are not sure how.

For more information, or to arrange a professional on-site trainer, please get in touch.