Unify OpenScape CP200 User Guide

Unify OpenScape CP200 User Guide

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  • Place a Call

    Lift handset, dial number and press OK;


    Dial number and lift handset;


    For handsfree mode or if headset is connected, dial number and press OK.

  • Answer a Call

    Lift handset


    For handsfree mode, press speaker button or OK;


    If headset is connected, press headset button.

  • End a Call

    Hang up;


    For handsfree mode press speaker button;


    If headset is connected, press headset button.

  • Redial the Last Dialed Number

    Lift handset and press OK.
  • Dial from the Call Log

    Press down arrow and up arrow to select the desired conversation.

    Press OK and lift handset.

  • Deflecting an Incoming Call while ringing

    Select Deflect in menu and press OK.

    Enter a destination phone number and press OK.

  • Hold or Retrieve a Call

    In an active call press pause button.

    To retrieve a held call, press pause button again.

  • Make a Conference Call

    During a call with party A, press conference button. Hear dial tone. Party A is automatically put on hold.

    Enter the phone number for party B and press OK. Once connected with party B, press OK.

    You are now connected in a conference with parties A and B.

  • Transfer a Call

    During a call with party A, press transfer button. Enter the phone number of party B and press OK.

    You may then either:

    Press OK while party B is ringing;


    Wait for party B to answer, announce the call and then press OK.

    The party A will be transferred to party B.

  • Switch to Handsfree Mode during a Call

    Hold down speaker button until you hang up handset.
  • Switch to Handset Mode during a Call

    Lift handset.
  • Switch to Headset Mode during a Call

    Press headset button.
  • Using Mute during a Call

    Press mute button to mute.

    Press mute button again to un-mute.

  • Call Voicemail

    Press voicemail button and confirm with OK.
  • Change Forwarding Destination

    Press call forward button.

    Select “Set a forwarding destination” within three seconds.

    Enter the destination number and press OK.

    Press enter key.

  • Turn Call Forwarding on/off

    Press call forward button.

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