• Am I able to transfer an incoming call to a mobile/landline via the telephone system?

    Yes, providing that you have ISDN or SIP lines. On Siemens handsets press tick, dial 9, then the required number, hang up on answer. On Avaya handsets, divert can either be done through the CTI application PhoneManager if the customer is using that, or by the use of ‘shortcodes’. The default shortcodes needed are *07*XXX# to set the forward number (where XXX is the number to be forwarded to) and then *01 to turn forwarding on and *02 to turn it off.
  • How do I stop my number appearing on outgoing calls?

    This can be controlled by the user at his extension. Alternatively, it can be programmed for the entire system to withhold the numbers.
  • I can receive incoming calls, but can’t make external outgoing calls

    There are a number of possible reasons; among the most common are: The handset might be faulty. There is a fault on the network provider’s line. There is a fault with between the CPS (carrier pre-select) and the BT network. There is a fault, or an unpaid bill, with 3rd party least cost routing (LCR)
  • My telephone does not work

    This might be the phone system but could be an external cabling problem. Is there a message shown on the handset and on other handsets? If there is no message display, it is probably an external line problem. Have you tried a different telephone that you know is working? If that works we will replace the faulty telephone free of charge, if you have handset cover in your maintenance agreement. If everyone’s telephone is affected the problem might be with the phone system itself, but could be a power issue. Have you had any recent power issues and have you checked that the telephone system is still plugged in?
  • We cannot make or receive external calls

    Can you make and receive internal calls? If so, your external lines are probably down and the line provider needs to be contacted.
  • What happens in the event of a power failure?

    With digital (ISDN) lines, a back up power supply is required. A number of options are available, from a Siemens integral battery which provides about 30 minutes cover, to an external UPS (uninterruptible power supply) which can provide between 1 to 8 hours of cover. Your account manager will be pleased to discuss the options with you.