Nexus IP and the Environment

Nexus IP firmly believes that a green agenda forms a fundamental part of its business. The company actively seeks to work with suppliers and clients who support this ethos.

We understand the need to be environmentally conscious, proud of the commitment we have made to work towards our goal of being carbon neutral. Not only does Nexus IP strive to work towards environmental sustainability, it also provides other companies with the tools and support to reduce their carbon footprint.

On an individual level everyone at Nexus IP is encouraged to present ideas to further our environmental cause and do so on a regular basis. Our engineers suggested travelling throughout London on public transport to save vehicle emissions. Our office manager introduced recycling of all paper, cardboard, cans and packaging. Our contract’s administrator suggested moving from hard copy to electronic documents. The company policy on remote working removes the need for unnecessary fuel consumption.

Nexus IP is always happy to advise our customers, free of charge, of the most energy efficient, environmentally friendly solutions for their business. Give us a call to discuss this initiative on 0345 200 1770, or e-mail us at

Carbon Footprint Reduction with Nexus IP:

  • Reduce CO2 Emissions – modern telecoms systems can be installed, updated and maintained remotely, reducing travel of service engineers.

  • Reduce energy consumption in large systems by switching to VoIP solutions that run centrally on servers in an IT data centre.

  • IP technology and teleworking, flexible working and virtual meetings can reduce fuel and emissions. Telecom solutions make remote working increasingly viable and the regular commute unnecessary.

  • Office desk sharing can allow sales focus with up to 70% fewer workstations, which means savings on capital expenditure and energy costs.

  • Unified Communications speeds up processes and boosts operating efficiency and productivity, whilst cutting energy and resource consumption. Through integrated software Nexus IP helps companies reduce the need for hard copy documents.

  • Our suppliers develop their products to be highly dependable and energy efficient by using sustainable, resource-sparing raw materials and environmentally friendly production in compliance with ISO14001.

  • Our suppliers are aware of the benefits attainable through reduced power consumption in their products. An example of this benefit is the approximate 35% reduction in electrical power consumption of Siemens HiPath OpenStage end devices over optiPoint Predecessors.