Do you have a Siemens HiPath 3000?

Do you need a system update?

If you haven’t had a recent update, your phone system is frozen in time. You could be leaving your business vulnerable to security risks as well as downtime.

  • Spare parts will become scarce so your system could be down for longer
  • Compatible handsets will be harder to come by so you may wait longer for replacements
  • Manufacturer support is withdrawn which means that your phone system is very vulnerable in the event  of major issues or failure
  • HiPath licenses will soon be discontinued so if you want to add extra users or alter anything that requires a license – this will not be possible
  • Your capability to expand lines will be affected….. trunk licenses for this system are to be discontinued

How will the phone system upgrade help your business?

  • Support from the manufacturer means that any escalated issues can be addressed by the top technical teams
  • FREE software assurance for 3 years which means that your business gets all the latest updates and improvements (in the form of hot fixes) at no extra cost
  • Access to the latest unified communications features so you and your team can communicate more efficiently

In order to plan an upgrade and discuss your other business communication needs, please contact our sales team on 0345 200 1770 or